Máy khử mùi Biozone Induct
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Máy khử mùi Biozone Induct

InDuct Advantages:

  • Eliminate odors, smoke, and chemicals
  • Reduce bacteria, viruses, and mold
  • Industrial and commercial applications
  • Completely automated and chemical-free
  • Easy to install
  • Can operate as a standalone or integrated solution
  • Optional HMI touch pad control and monitoring system
  • Optional room sensors with feedback loop control
Danh mục:

Mô tả

InDuct – Indoor Air Treatment System

BioZone Scientific’s InDuct air treatment systems increase Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by removing odors, bacteria, viruses, and other organic growth in the air and in air-handling units and duct work.

BioZone’s advanced solutions are designed to seamlessly fit into new air handling systems and easily retrofit into existing HVAC systems. InDuct is designed to integrate with BioZone Scientific’s proprietary ControlZone™ remote monitoring system, which is a series of optional professional-grade air quality sensors that can be networked throughout a building to provide automated remote control and monitoring in response to changing conditions in the environment. InDuct and ControlZone™ can be interfaced into building automation systems.

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